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Great Time Management Tips
by Michael C. Dennis M.B.A., C.B.F.

These Time Management tips can be used in both business and personal situations:

  1. Confirming payment commitments in writing will save time in the long term.

  2. Use collection and deduction management software to make operations more effective and efficient.

  3. Forget To-Do lists --- Create a Must-Do list.

  4. Do not accept drop-in visit by vendors. Tell the vendor to call for an appointment

  5. Don’t waste time with telephone solicitors. Use a quick brush-off such as this: “Thank you. We are not interested. Good bye.” Then hang up.

  6. When a co-worker enters your office, stand up and remain standing until they leave.

  7. Don’t be a slave to the phone; allow calls to go into voice mail when you are busy.

  8. Forget about being a perfectionist.

  9. Become comfortable at saying no.

  10. Don’t over-commit.

  11. Don’t procrastinate. Break big assignments into small steps.

  12. Politely refuse to attend meetings at which your presence would be only marginally valuable.

  13. Develop a plan and follow it.

  14. Spend time planning and organizing; avoid the temptation to rush into an assignment.

  15. Don’t wait for complete or perfect information to make a credit decision.

  16. Remember that putting something off until the last moment can result in missed deadlines or unacceptably low quality.

  17. Delegate as much work as possible.

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