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Tips on Getting the Most from your Co-workers and your Staff
By Michael C. Dennis, MBA, CBF

  • Manage staff closely enough to know they are completing their work, but not so closely that you stifle enthusiasm or creativity.

  • Share the credit when things go well, and accept most of the criticism/blame when they do not.

  • Don't invite your staff or co-workers to meetings that they do not need to attend

  • Don't ask people for advice if you don't plan to use it.

  • If you use someone else's ideas, give them credit for their contribution.

  • When delegating, if you cannot make a job sound interesting, at least take the time to make it seem important.

  • Remember that you can accomplish more as part of a team than you ever could alone. For this reason, it is critical to foster a sense of teamwork within your department.

  • Try not to overreact when a subordinate delivers bad news. Doing so is a recipe for problems. If you "shoot the messenger" you can almost guarantee that bad news will be buried rather than presented quickly so it can be dealt with effectively.

  • Congratulate subordinates who bring complex problems that are outside of their expertise or areas of influence to your attention.

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