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HOW Certification = my New Career
By Suzzanne Stanford, CCE CEW

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Like most everyone who's worked in the credit industry... I "fell into" credit.

NACM was right there to help me get started and I became Corp. Credit Manager for Altos Computer Systems in Calif. I was so enthused with how NACM was helping me! Our company sales grew quickly to $150M over a 7 year period, and my skills needed to consistently be at least one step ahead.

Eventually what I really wanted to do was work for NACM directly to help other professionals. It looked like more fun. We moved California to Florida in 1985 and NACM of Florida gave me the opportunity.

Working with NACM was more fun and I learned a variety of new skills while earning my CBA, CBF, CCE and CEW.

While helping members, monitoring, and forming new groups, I quickly discovered an interest in marketing and communications. There are so many things "to do" within NACM. I began designing the marketing materials, newsletter and created their new Website in 1995.

After being promoted to Director of Communications I realized that NACM Affiliate mid-level marketing managers needed an "idea sharing" group, tailored after the Industry Credit Group (but without the antitrust issues). We got the "go ahead" from National and the ARC, Affiliates Resource Cooperative was formed.

By this time the Internet was growing so fast it became apparent that I would need to focus "full time" if I had any hopes of keeping up. I formed "EyeCatcher Technology" in 1995 and moved on to seek my fortune.

There are trade offs when working for oneself. Please feel free to ask me at any time about the rewards and challenges of self-employment.

What's so amazing to me is that I'm still able to use all of my past skills to help credit professionals and work with NACM Affiliates. I LOVE my new work and am still surprised that every step taken during my credit career has led me to HERE. What everyone says about Certification is true. It helps build self-respect, respect of our peers and demonstrates our ability to "stick to it" and do our job well!

About the Author:
Suzzanne Stanford CCE has been working as an Web Developer and Internet Constulant since 1995 with EyeCatcher Technology, her own company.

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