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  Seminar and Webinar Training Programs  

On-Site Training or Webinar Programs

Our most popular seminars and training programs include:

More Effective Credit Management

A half day seminar, which identifies and discusses the keys to successful credit management and team building.

Deduction Management

A half day seminar that identifies and discusses the causes of deductions and how to resolving them quickly and prevent them from recurring with minimal impact on the debtor-creditor relationship

The Basics of Credit & Collection

A one day seminar covering the basics of credit and collections as applied in today’s business environment. This program includes introduction to financial statement analysis; the importance of a well designed credit application, controlling risk by controlling the credit approval process; importance of terms and conditions of sale; the relevance of Uniform Commercial Code; Bankruptcy rules, and an introduction to International Credit Management.

Developing Effective Credit & Collection Policy & Procedures

A three hour presentation and discussion of developing, implementing and administering effective policies and procedures. Sample policy, procedures and credit forms are included.

Credit’s Role in Customer Retention

A three hour presentation and discussion of developing and providing effective customer service; dealing with unsatisfied customers. Role-playing is used to emphasize key points.

Preparing for Quarterly & Year-end Audits

A three hour presentation and discussion of effective audit preparation, how to determine an appropriate bad debt reserve, what auditors are looking for; suggested analysis templates included.

Business Communications

A three hour presentation and discussion of effective communication; verbal and written, listening, email. Sample letters included.

International Credit and Export Management

A three hour presentation and discussion of export trade and extension of credit to foreign customers and country risk. Includes various credit instruments, INCO Terms, Letters of Credit and Bureau of Export Administration regulations.

International Credit/Foreign Trade

A one day seminar covering international credit. Includes: credit and collection functions, identifying and evaluating international risks - country risk, commercial risk, and foreign exchange risk; Risk mitigation, UPC 500 and INCO Terms; Export regulations and Letters of Credit. Various export documents are reviewed and discussed.

Other Seminars Include:

  • Formulating and Implementing Credit Policies
  • The role and responsibilities of the credit and collection department in a business
  • The changing role of the credit function in recession
  • Tools and techniques to foster cooperation and teamwork between sales and the credit department
  • Essentials of credit risk management
  • Financial statement analysis Improving cash flow through effective accounts receivable management
  • Improving cash flow through proper deduction management
  • Credit and collection and the law
  • Organizing and structuring the credit department for optimum performance
  • How to spot and prevent credit related fraud
  • An overview of international credit and collection
  • Export credit management
  • The advantages, risks and disadvantages of letters of credit and other forms of security for international sales transactions
  • Essentials of commercial debt collection
  • Advanced debt collection tools and techniques
  • The Credit Manager and the U.S. Bankruptcy Code – What you need to know
  • Appropriate tools and techniques to measure the credit department’s performance
  • Automating certain functions within the credit department
  • Consumer credit vs. Commercial Credit
  • Working more effectively with banks, credit reporting agencies, and your local credit managers association
  • The do’s and don’ts of providing trade references and requesting trade references
  • Credit scoring models and programs – their advantages and disadvantages
  • Improving credit department efficiency
  • Commercial credit insurance and its advantages and disadvantages
  • Tips and techniques to reduce credit risk
  • Tips and techniques for working with commercial collection agencies
  • Finding, Hiring, Training and Retaining the best employees for superior department performance

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