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Electronic notices to creditors comes to bankruptcy courts

As the credit department goes electronic, the bankruptcy courts are also going electronic. From electronic dockets to telephonic appearances, bankruptcy courts are attempting to keep current with technology that reduces expense to creditors and speeds providing of information. The bankruptcy court providing notice to creditors through e-mail is another recent development. Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing is a free service that electronically transmits bankruptcy notices, and in some cases court orders, to those who request it, nearly immediately. Approximately 90 bankruptcy courts participate in the EBN program. In compliance with Bankruptcy Rule 9036, parties must request electronic noticing services in writing. To do this, parties sign a noticing agreement with the bankruptcy court to ensure understanding of the EBN process and roles of the parties. In addition, if a party receives notices for other creditors/interested parties, an Evidence of Authority form is available.

EBN has both an Internet e-mail option and a FAX delivery option. It also has an Electronic Data
Interchange. This option may be helpful for credit professionals that receive thousand of bankruptcy notices a month. Such user can replace paper with a computer-to-computer process, providing the capability for processing bankruptcy notices at a fraction of the cost of manual methods.

Blakeley & Blakeley LLP - Trade Vendor Monthly News Flash - November 2002. This information is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor a substitute for legal advice. once again link Blakeley & Blakeley LLP.

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