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Business Credit and Collection Management Articles

Managing your business to business credit and collection processes can be a challenge. It can be extremely beneficial to enlist some professional help when it comes to navigating the complexities of balancing risk and reward. In the long run, it can save your business a lot of time – and a lot of money.

The experts at Covering Credit are here to help. We provide several services that can help you streamline your processes, accelerate payments and minimize your risk and your bad debt losses. Our services include:

  • Credit risk assessments / diagnostics including analysis and reporting
  • Collection management training, or collection outsourcing services
  • Deduction management including recovery/ repayment of deductions, or outsourced deduction management services
  • Establishing credit limits, or training you how to create appropriate credit limits
  • Developing / creating written policies, processes and procedures to manage the operation of the credit function, or the entire credit and collection departmenAnd more
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  • In-House Staff Training
  • Credit and Collections Education
  • Commercial Credit Seminars
  • Collection Services and Negotiations
  • Business Credit News
  • Credit Extension Services
  • Establishing Credit Policies
  • Staffing Recruitment or Outsourcing
  • Bankruptcy and Preference Counseling

New Business Credit & Collection Articles

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Covering Credit Commentaries

Michael posts every Thursday sharing his viewpoint and personal experience on aspects of business credit, career advancement, leadership and collections through CMA, Credit Management Association. We hope you enjoy this new blog series and encourage you to comment on the posts to increase the conversation.

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